Human, Environmental, and Social Development

The intervention aims to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of women youths, and children in target communities through educational support, institutional strengthening, and sustainable empowerment opportunities. This will cover initiatives, engagements, and activities as 

  • Scholarships: The foundation will offer scholarship opportunities to orphans aged 10 and above through a competitive process (evidence of consistently outstanding performance, tests etc.) 
  • Educational institutional strengthening in target communities; (providing/equipping of Science, ICT/Computer and robotic labs; teaching/learning materials; construction/renovation on classrooms; teacher training).
  • Emergency Water Sanitation and Hygiene (E-WASH) in an emergency context, schools, and target communities. (E-WASH awareness, digging of boreholes, menstrual hygiene awareness).
  • Fellowships: This would offer outstanding graduates the opportunity to pursue a postgraduate degree. The foundation could choose to offer fellowships that cover tuition, living expenses, monthly stipends and costs for attending conferences or similar during the postgraduate study. Where necessary, examination registration fees will be provided for indigent students.
  • Livelihoods: Creating sustainable livelihood opportunities for widows and vulnerable households in target locations.
  • Access to Justice: Support indigent women and their children on access to their inheritance rights; gender-based violence (GBV) prevention and mitigation services.